Selling a Home While Going Through a Divorce

Posted by Jeff Anderson // June 14, 2016

Divorce is a trying time for any couple and selling a home while going through a divorce can make the stress level higher. Your home is a major asset and if neither spouse wants to continue living there, it might have to be sold as part of the divorce settlement. While selling the family home […]

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Top Improvements That Increase a Home’s Value

Posted by Jeff Anderson // May 23, 2016

The key to selling a home quickly is to work on its market appeal and knowing the top improvements that increase a home’s value is key to a quick sale. Here is a list of top improvements that increase a home’s value:

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Top Reasons Why Your Home Won’t Sell

Posted by Jeff Anderson // May 15, 2016

You’re probably reviewing all your options, trying to determine just what you did wrong and why your home isn’t selling. Here are top reasons why your home won’t sell.

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Spring Cleaning Tips To Reduce Clutter

Posted by Jeff Anderson // May 8, 2016

Here are some spring cleaning tips to reduce clutter. With a few simple tricks, you can take the stress out of spring cleaning and turn it into a hassle-free—and dare we add, fun—spring ritual.

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7 Tax Deductions Homeowners Can Take To Save Money

Posted by Jeff Anderson // April 10, 2016

Here are 7 Tax Deductions Homeowners Can Take To Save Money; you can avail them whether you own a condominium, a single-family residence, a mobile home, or a townhouse. And the best part is, you can continue to enjoy many of these benefits even after you sell your home. A Team Marketing, LLC are not tax professionals so make sure to ask your personal professional to see what options are available for you.

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Should I Rent or Buy a Home

Posted by Jeff Anderson // April 6, 2016

While buying a home is all well and good, the benefits of renting can’t be overlooked if you want to make the best decision. Given below are the benefits of renting and buying a home.

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Things to Do When Planning a Move

Posted by Jeff Anderson // March 10, 2016

Whether you are looking for a place with lower rent or whether you need to shift because of a job transfer, there are certain key things to do when planning a move.

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The Benefits of a Short Sale

Posted by Jeff Anderson // February 14, 2016

A short sale entails benefits for both the lender and the borrower, here are some of those benefits of a short sale.

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Top 5 Things That All Home Buyers Want

Posted by Jeff Anderson // February 2, 2016

Whether you are considering selling your home, or you’re a realtor considering a listing, there are key things that all home buyers want. We have put together the top 5 things that all home buyers want that also increase the value of a home for you to consider when preparing your home to sell:

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6 Steps to Sell Your Home

Posted by Jeff Anderson // January 18, 2016

Selling a house can be quite a hassle and a big challenge, especially for those who aren’t aware of the steps to sell your home. Buyers are sensitive about every little detail, from market price, to rooms, to location. When selling to a traditional buyer, there are key steps to sell your home which if you follow, should surely result in an easy and quick buy.

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