BRRRR – The Investing Method

The BRRRR method, popular in residential real estate investing, stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. This strategy involves acquiring distressed properties, renovating them, renting for continuous income, and refinancing to accumulate equity for future investments. It’s like house-flipping with long-term financial growth in mind. The BRRRR method – What is it? The BRRRR method […]

Notice of Default – What it is in Real Estate

Ever found yourself face-to-face with a Notice of Default? To put it simply, a Notice of Default is a lender’s initial step toward foreclosure, but understanding it helps you navigate the process and protect your financial future. What is a Notice of Default? A Notice of Default is a public notice filed with a state […]

Judgment Liens: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to purchase a property or already own one, you may have heard of judgment liens. But what exactly are they, and how do they affect your real estate investment? What is a judgment lien? In simple terms, a judgment lien is a court-ordered claim placed on a property by a creditor who […]

What about Hardwood floors?

Ready to upgrade your home and get a great return on investment? Look no further than hardwood flooring! It’s a project that not only adds beauty and warmth to your space but also boosts your property’s value when you decide to sell. In this article, we’ll cover hardwood flooring types, installation tips, and costs. Get […]

Throw Your Trash Away

Haul away your household trash, or hire the job out. Here’s a guide to help you decide. Whether it’s years of accumulated clutter, old appliances, or household chemicals, it has to go. Is it a DIY job? Or do you need to call in the professionals? Here’s what you need to know. Identify the different […]

Short Sales – Pros and Cons

Every day, hundreds of short-sale deals are made. The real estate investing niche that was formerly the most well-liked has remained relevant in recent years. Even if there aren’t as many deep discounts available, there are still a lot of great offers you can find. Identifying properties where you can add value is key to any […]

Lower Your Property Taxes

One of the most annoying costs for homeowners is their property taxes, especially if they continue to rise over time. Unfortunately, property taxes are an inevitable part of homeownership and will always be your responsibility, even after your mortgage is paid off. If your property taxes are too expensive, you can find out how to […]

Close Your Deals on Schedule

The odds of your real estate transaction closing on time are surprisingly small. So what do you need to do about it? This is one of the scariest secrets of the real estate industry. It is rarely talked about, and the secrecy that surrounds it is also one of the top reasons that real estate salespeople have […]

Four Phases of the Real Estate Cycle

As a real estate investor, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on the macroeconomic and microeconomic aspects of the real estate cycle and be aware of where we are in it. The housing market cycle and the overall economy are strongly related. However, you shouldn’t assume that the housing market is doing well because […]

Tenant Law: What Your Landlord Can & Can’t Do

Millions of Americans both inside and outside of cities opt to rent their homes instead of buying them. Tenants and landlords consequently have a complicated legal relationship. Regarding the assets that theoretically belong to both parties, they both have exclusive rights. To effectively coexist within the terms of their lease agreement, all parties must be […]