Effects of Spring Weather on Exterior Paint

Effects Of Spring Weather on Exterior Paint

Effects of Spring Weather on Exterior Paint


Fresh paint can greatly improve the appearance of any building, but many seasonal effects can affect how it looks. The change in temperature and the high amount of precipitation that usually occurs in the spring can significantly affect both fresh and older paint. Here are the effects of spring weather on exterior paint:


Temperature Effects on Paint

Since temperature often changes from day to day during springtime, it is essential to consider the effects of temperature when deciding when to complete exterior painting projects. Heat can affect the amount of time it takes fresh paint to dry, especially on sunny or humid days. Temperature changes can also cause paint to expand and contract, which can be a major cause of peeling, particularly on wood surfaces.


Precipitation and Wind Effects on Paint

Painting on wet surfaces is ineffective because moisture gets trapped under the paint. That will prevent the paint from sticking to the surface properly. This moisture can make it easy for fresh paint to peel away from the surface quickly. Spring weather can also damage finished paint by seeping into any paint that is not properly sealed, which can turn small imperfections into significant peeling.


Preventing Seasonal Paint Damage

Good news! There are many products available that can help minimize the seasonal effects on the paint. Primers are especially helpful on wood or other absorbent surfaces as they make for a more even surface. This allows the paint to adhere to the surface better. Special paints and primers, such as those made with acrylic resins, are more flexible than other types of paint. That makes them resist the effects of expanding and contracting better than other paints. Use a paint sealer to provide a barrier between the paint and the elements.

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