Investors: A Real Estate Agent’s Most Powerful Partnership

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As any real estate agent knows, leads are the lifeblood to success. This is why it is no secret that a high percentage of most agents’ time is dedicated to uncovering possible leads via as many conduits as possible. 

That being said, all leads are not created equal. Some leads roll in thanks to expensive paid profiles on real estate websites, or a billboard along the highway. Other leads result in spending hours searching for a deal, putting everything in place, and then having it fall apart at the last minute due to insufficient funding.

These situations are extremely costly, both in terms of time and money. Which leads to a simple question: how can a real estate agent maximize their income potential and optimize their overall efforts? 

Thankfully, the answer is just as simple: work with experienced real estate investors.

When a great real estate agent and a great real estate investor are able to team up, it can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. And once this system is in place, it can unleash a formidable income stream.

To understand why working with a team of real estate investors like ourselves can be a powerful growth partnership for real estate agents, consider the following benefits:

Pro to Pro

When a deal does not work out or one party feels like they have wasted a considerable amount of time and resources, it is usually because there was a lack of experience involved. Stack a couple of these situations on top of each other, and a real estate agent can start to feel burned out pretty quickly.

However, when you work with us, you are working with real estate professionals. We are here to get projects done. We know what we are getting into and we understand the process. When working with us, rest assured that the due diligence will be completed and we have our financing ready to go.

It is also good to know that while every deal will have situations that will pop up, there will not be any surprises. Chances are, we have seen it before or at least have a first-degree connection in our network that also went through it. 

The bottom line is if we are wasting your time, we are wasting our time. And waste is never good.

Continuous Deal Flow

As the title implies, real estate investors are looking to make a lot of purchases. This means that we are constantly on the lookout for new properties to buy while at the same time, working to sell properties we have rehabilitated. As a result, the volume of our activity can generate sizeable income potential for our real estate agent partners.

Compare this cycle with a typical homeowner. In the first place, a homeowner is usually just looking to either buy or to sell – not always both. Additionally, that homeowner – whom real estate agents spent so much time and money getting into their lead funnel – is only actively seeking your assistance once every decade, if you are lucky. That means you have to always be refilling the top of your lead funnel just to tread water. 

We Have the Systems

Systems are the foundation for success. Which is why they are the pillars of our business. 

Our systems take the guesswork out of the equation. Our real estate agent partners will know exactly what we are looking for – from the neighborhoods we are interested in, to our cap rate, to a property’s income potential. 

With everyone being on the same page, we help real estate agents maximize their skills while optimizing their time and income potential.

Network Exposure

Our mission is to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living by improving the overall quality of housing for the residents. Because of this connection to our community, we have a broad network of individuals looking for good agents to work with. 

Being able to strengthen these connections by referring a trusted partner allows us to create a virtuous cycle in the community. Connecting great people in the community helps ensure that we keep our mission in focus.

Partnering with great local real estate agents is an essential goal for our team. We passionately believe that doing so ensures the success of the local community while also contributing to the success of local businesses. 

If you are a local real estate agent looking to generate a profitable income stream, contact us today to start working together.

Published by Jeff Anderson

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