Ceiling Updates to Style Your Home


The ceiling has potential for impact but often gets overlooked as we put so much emphasis on walls, floors, and furnishings. But here’s what you are missing.

  1. Color contrasts. The color of a ceiling can enhance or minimize its height. For instance, painting the ceiling a brighter color than the walls can “lift” a lower ceiling and make a room seem more spacious. Conversely, using darker paint on the ceiling than on the walls can minimize a cavernous feel by making high ceilings seem lower.
  2. Patterned ceilings. Ceilings no longer have to be monotone! You can tie a room together from top to bottom with geometric designs and other prints overhead in a color that accents the wall paint, window treatments, furnishings, and flooring. Paint a pattern on it, or achieve a similar effect with wallpaper.
  3. Exposed beams. Wooden beams traversing ceilings have been a classic choice for generations. The current trend is rough-cut beams contrasting against light-colored paint. The beams can run straight from one side to the other or form crossing patterns overhead. Using stylized beams to form square recesses or coffers is an elegant option.
  4. Wood-planked ceilings. Shiplap and reclaimed barn wood have become popular choices for walls. Why not put these materials on it for a warm, rustic look? Wood planks are particularly stunning on vaulted ceilings.
  5. Fabric, tile, or other material. Cover it with fabric in rich colors and patterns that harmonize with the wall paint. Or try a subway tile ceiling for a unique, elegant look.
  6. Trey ceilings. Ceilings with trey insets give a rising grandeur to the room. For contrast, paint the area within the trey molding a different hue than the rest of it.
  7. Crown molding adds elegance. Crown molding adds a classic finish and provides a transition between the walls and ceiling. White crown molding against a darker paint on the ceiling and walls complements the room.
  8. Lighting. The room’s lighting plays a vital part in your ceiling’s beauty. For example, recessed can lighting looks particularly good against a dark-painted ceiling. With hanging fixtures, choose metals and shade colors that accent the ceiling hue.

Published by Jeff Anderson

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