3 Things To Do Now For A Fast House Sale Richmond


house_with_money_SOLD_001Selling a house is a big deal for most homeowners, but there are 3 things to do now for a fast house sale Richmond. Although it can be very hard to stand out and to land the perfect offer, there are ways in which you can sell off your house quickly without compromising on the profit. Here are some useful tips that should help you:

  • Add curb appeal

Most experts consider curb appeal as one of the surest ways to sell off your property. There are several desirable homes for sale in Richmond VA, so you need a way to catch homebuyers’ attention. Curb appeal can help you do that.

First impressions are very important in real estate. Think from a buyer’s perspective and make appealing changes around the house that you would like to see in your own dream home. However, curb appeal doesn’t mean you revamp the entire look of your house. In fact, small changes, such as a revamped front door, a landscaped lawn, a new garage door, a pergola, new porch lights, etc., aren’t a drain on your pocket and actually breathe new life into your property.

The best way to add curb appeal is to go across the street and analyze the front of your home critically. This way, flaws will become visible and you’ll get ideas about changes that will make a big difference to your home’s appearance.

  • The right price

It’s a common misconception to start with a high asking price and then lower it if it fails to attract buyers. Constant price changes can lower the integrity of a home sale as buyers may think there’s something wrong with the house.

The neatest trick to sell your home quickly in Richmond is to set the right price from the outset. Price should never be based on what you want it to be, but on what the house is actually worth. You’re recommended to get your property valued by a professional, who will conduct a proper appraisal and suggest an appropriate price.

The first 30 days after a home is put on sale are critical; after that, buyer interest dwindles. Make sure the price isn’t so steep that it drives interested buyers and their agents away. The best asking price is a combination of an accurate valuation of the house along with a profit margin for the seller. Be sure to get input from a qualified real estate agent to doubly ensure that you’re asking for the right price.

  • Be flexible

To sell off your home quickly, you need to exercise flexibility. Don’t be stingy about opening your doors to buyers. Don’t be annoyed when people drop by early morning, late night, or at any other time that suits them. Accommodate buyers at the cost of your own comfort and convenience. This is very important because one of these visitors will eventually buy your home, and that won’t happen until they are thoroughly satisfied with the property.

Adopt a friendly and welcoming approach for all visitors, and show them around thoroughly. Answer all questions they ask truthfully and accurately. Let them look around, and be sure to highlight the home’s best features to add further appeal.


These quick 3 steps can help you sell your home in the shortest possible time. No matter your situation, A Team Marketing can buy your house for cash – fast. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of listing your home with an agent, call us today at 855-66A-TEAM, or click here to get a free quote fast! We can get you a fast fair free offer and close on your timeline. We look forward to working with you.

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