Top 5 Things You Will Need To Rent a House


for-rentWhen you are ready to take the important milestone for any tenant of upgrading, here are the top 5 things you will need to rent a house.

  • A secure job

Make sure your job produces sufficient income to support the rental payments. Many experts suggest that the house rent should make up no more than 30% of a tenant’s income. While this can be a problem if you want to shift to a more expensive locality, a well-paying job can help you round up the necessary expenses.

Families with a stable means of income have a high chance of securing tenancy deals, as they are considered more trustworthy in the eyes of landlords.

  • Good credit history

You will need to present a credit report for perusal. A good credit history that is clear of any late payments or large debts will vastly improve your reliability and speed up the rental process. Landlords are on the lookout for tenants who are responsible with their finances and make their payments on time. A favorable credit report will make it far easier to secure the contract.

If your report shows a series of late or non-payments, it’s best to take some time to clear off these blemishes before you enter the real estate market. You can also look into a credit repair company to help get it back on track.

  • Favorable References

Typically, prospective renters are required to present rental references as part of their application. If you have a history of renting, your previous landlords will likely be contacted to establish your credibility. They may be asked to provide information such as the duration of your tenancy and the timeliness of your rental payments.

  • Clear Background check

Be prepared to submit to a background check before you can rent a home. You may have to provide a copy of your employment record or even your criminal record so the landlord can verify your credibility. If you have a history of dishonest or violent behaviour, it may be difficult for you to secure a lease, so make sure your records are spotless.

  • Security deposits

Before the rental process is completed, you may have to pay a security fee towards any damages incurred. Homeowners often ask for a sum of money to ensure against late or non-payment of rent or any damage to the property. A typical security deposit is equal to one month’s rent, although the amount can differ according to local real estate policies.



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